A short recap of 2019 and plans for the future

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A short recap of 2019 and plans for the future

Dear parents, What a turbulent year has 2019 been! We have experienced so much together and how hard your boys have worked! I can honestly say that I am very proud of my boys, your sons and our team! As a trainer, 2019 was a tough one with ups and downs and sometimes some heated conversations. But I hope you realize that my reaction comes purely from my dedication to your boys and love for the game. I see my boys, your sons as my own children, and I will never expose them to something that does not benefit their development, their soccer career. Everything I do and also the things I choose not to do, I do in the interest of you guys.

I know the soccer world like no other and it is precisely that knowledge and experience that I am happy to share with you. Yes, I am the type of trainer who pushes talent because talent that does not go to the extreme will be surpassed by less talented soccer players with more character. Character is everything within sport at top level. Their mental mindset needs just as much training as their body. Only when both are well balanced your boys will reach the top level they dream of. I always give myself 100% and that is what I also need from the boys and from you as parents because only together we can bring them to great heights to achieve their, yours and our goals for them. So please don’t hesitate to speak to me when something is going on in their life that I should be aware of, or when there are questions regarding their training and choices that I make in the interest of the growth of your children. Having learned from 2019, I want to make 2020 an even better year with your help.

Better communication certainly belongs to that, and it is my wish to focus more on my contact with you as parents. Feel free to indicate what you need from me so that we can give our boys, our team both the professional and personal support that they need. I will give my boys the full 100% again in 2020 and I hope to get this from you too. I thank you for the support and dedication you have given in the past year and look forward with great enthusiasm to an awesome 2020! Happy Holidays, Sincerely, Elmond Kine Trainer & Coach Young talent

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